Providing the most modren macheneries for your projects. Our team support begans from planning to commissioning of the full project.


We are not just selling the machineries, but our team will support our clients with all the technical transfer of the exicuted project with training.


Standard and customized moulds are proviiding with the machineries. Our team will asisit to choose those from our wide range of collection.


Our Training program offering a full fledge training from Raw material selection, Production schedule, Delivery planing and Stock keeping.


One stop shop for all your raw material requirments. We are also providing / Sourcing all additives and other required raw materials for our clients. .


With our Consultation process our team evaluate the actual requirements of our clients and provide the best package for their production plant set up.

Concrete Blocks

The world of architecture has recognized cement blocks as a reliable substitute for conventional building blocks. Less mortar is required, faster of construction is achieved. Also building construction with cement concrete hollow blocks provides facility for concealing electrical conduit, water and sewer pipes wherever so desired. Cement blocks are in different sizes that can suit the requirements of the builder. It eliminates plastering as well as rendering and reduces dead load of structure. What makes cement blocks flourish in this part of the globe is the availability of raw material. BMS Series machines can produce Solid blocks, Hollow blocks as well as Interlock Pavers by changing the moulds.


Cement blocks have become an inevitable part of modern building construction.

Commence your new successful business with local available raw materials.

We help you to choose a cement block production plant within your budget.